Antico Mestiere Garden service
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Centro edile Antonini per la fornitura completa nel settore edilizia in Russia
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A&G Chemical Production azienda chimica italiana
A&G Chemical Production, la nota azienda chimica italiana fondata alla fine degli anni 80 che...

In order to help companies introduce themselves and enter the Russian market, we offer our basic service, which will allow you to approach the market with minimum economic investment and direct, in-person negotiations with stakeholders.

Our operational strategy entails a market test for both the products we manage directly (for example those in the fashion or engineering sectors) and for any other type of product, for which we offer an introduction service in which we are specialists, have excellent references and a 100% success rate.

Our task is one of connecting and introducing you to those who are really interested in your product/service, and help you establish negotiations with those who can actually close a deal and/or purchase your product.

All of our services and efforts aim exclusively at introducing your company in the Russian and CIS markets, huge markets which can give you enormous satisfaction in terms of business, but which must be faced with suitable approach methods, by serious and qualified organizations with a genuine presence in the market, that are well-structured to cater to any need.

After your introduction test in the Russian Area market, and only after you have been introduced, we will be happy to support you, should you wish so, with our organizations to develop the market you activated.

Our services in the Russian Area market:

  • Introduction with clients’ research and contacts and presentation of your company and product.  An exclusive, successful service for each product type.
  • Research of business and manufacturing partners. First contact and presentation of the projects to investors in the Russian Area.
  • Incorporation of companies and administrative operations. Product certifications.
  • Activation of new turn-key business facilities, points of sale, showrooms and representation offices with a database of select clients.
  • Commercial management and development. Trust operations with our own accountants.
  • Targeted promotion for the Russian vip-target for real estate proposals, company transfers, partnerships, business and high-end products.
  • Introduction of fashion products in our showroom and in our distribution.
  • Introduction of products in our engineering sector.
  • Introduction of products in our theme parks and family centre sector.



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