Antico Mestiere Garden service
Apre il suo ufficio a Mosca, con la partnership di Consulenti & Partners, l'azienda leader nel setto...
Zetameccanica si affida a Consulenti & Partners per la sua introduzione nel mercato Russo e attiva i...
Start Power - Elettronica di potenza
Start Power una delle aziende leader nella progettazione e produzione  di apparecchiature nel campo ...
La Pandinese - attrezzature per l'industria alimentare-
Si presenta nel mercato russo anche La Pandinese, la nota azienda che produce attrezzature per l'ind...
Imar Italy Macchine per la produzione dei coni gelato
Anche la Imar Italy, azienda italiana leader nella costruzione di macchine per la produzine dei coni...
Officine Stefanuto
Dal 2018 Consulenti & Partners curerà l'introduzione delle Officine Stefanuto nel mercato russo, una...
LIKA SVJETO azienda che produce lampade e lampadari unici nel suo genere, locata in Croazia ma di es...
OMEGA pennellificio
OMEGA la storica azienda che produce pennelli da barba di alta qualità, presente in tutto il mercato...
LAM, azienda leader nell'illuminazione rafforza la sua presenza nel mercato russo
LAM, azienda leader nel mercato dell’illuminazione, nasce nel lontano 1979 e oggi è una realtà produ...
Nuova Defim del Gruppo Feralpi
Nuova Defim del Gruppo Feralpi è l’unico player europeo specializzato nella produzione di reti elett...

Consulenti & Partners was founded in 1985 as a consulting network for Italian small and medium companies. Mr. Stefano Bruschi, the founder, was a company manager and later a freelancer company consultant. He established this network to combine the competences of other qualified colleagues operating in specific consultancy branches, thus offering a wide range of consulting services and immediate and direct contacts with the specialists needed.

In the following years, having considered the political evolution of the Eastern European area before 2000, Consulenti & Partners explored the market of the Russian area, foreseeing that this huge market would become the most important in absolute terms, and immediately activated commercial relations and its own operational beachhead in the market.

Today, Consulenti & Partners is a group with 1 office in Switzerland and 2 in Russia, as well as a full-fledged consulting network in Italy, with several specialized freelance consultants.

Consulenti & Partners is one of the extremely few serious and important organizations with solid introduction, support and development services for the Russian market, and its own successful direct activities in different sectors and market targets of the ICS area.

Consulenti & Partners boasts excellent references for its earnestness and reliability, and is well-known and appreciated in the Russian area market, up to the point that it is considered one of the most qualified references for Italian entrepreneurs looking at the Russian market as strategic.

We work directly in the market with our trade organizations for different types of products, in the Vip-target market for different investments, partnerships and business proposals and as consultants for the introduction of any kind of product in the market.

Consulenti & Partners has independent facilities in Moscow, also providing administrative and tax assistance through its own accounting department.     




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